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South African Foods
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South African Foods
South African Foods
Traditional South African Foods
South African Foods

South Africa Food

South Africans love their braais (barbeques) and are passionate about how it should be done, so be warned - don't interfere with a South African man and his braai! But there are many more delicious, traditional South African foods available; the most famous of these is probably biltong , strips of dried meat which come in various flavour and types. Potjiekos is a delicious slowly cooked meat and vegetable stew, which is traditionally cooked over an open fire. Mielie Pap, is a stiff corn meal mix, is a staple food of a South African diet.

South African Foods - Bobotie
South African Bobotie
South African Foods - Rusks
South African Rusks
Boerewors, a spicy sausage almost always cooked on the braai. For those with a sweet tooth, melktert (milktart) and koeksisters which are very sweet doughy treats, but also quite delicious.

But if you really want to treat yourself why not try Skop, which is the head of a cow, sheep or goat. The head is first scrubbed to remove the skin and unwanted parts like the ears and nose are cut off before the head is boiled and simmered. A dish favoured by African men.

Although there are many South African traditional foods, you will also find Chinese resaturants, Indian restaurants, fish and chip shops and many other more mainstream eateries. So don't worry if Kudu and Crocodile aren't to your taste, everyone is catered for in South Africa

South African Wine is probably most well known in the area of the Western Cape, with pinotage and hanepoort being made from specially cultivated grape in the Cape area. Beer is drunk widely in South Africa especially with a braai or when the rugby or cricket is on! Castle is South Africa 's own beer, but Amstel, Black Label and many others are available.

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