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South African Phrasebook

Much of the population of South Africa speak Afrikaans - here are a few handy phrases!

Goeiemore - Good Morning
Goeiemiddag - Good Afternoon
Goeienaand - Good Evening
Baie Dankie - Thank you
Nee Dankie - No thanks
Asseblief - Please

Ek praat nie Afrikaans nie! - I don't speak Afrikaans!
Ek verstaan jou nie - I do not understand you

Hoe gaan dit? - How are you?

Dit gaan goed, dankie - en jy? - I am good thanks, and you?
Dit gaan nie so baie goed nie! - It's not going very well!
Aangename kennis - Pleased to meet you
Hoe laat is dit? - What time is it?

Ek is opsoek na die....... - I am looking for the ...........

Lughawe - airport
Spoorwegstasie - train station
Polisiestasie - police station
Winkel - shop
tandarts - dentist
dokter - doctor
apteek - chemist
Poskantoor - post office

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