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Apart from desert, Swaziland offers all the physical features of Africa within its small area of 17,000 square kilometres. The country is divided into four areas from west to east, varying from 1800 to 400 metres above sea level. The mountainous highveld to the west has a temperate climate of warm, wet summers and cool, dry winters, while the subtropical middleveld comprising lush, fertile valleys and a warm climate, which is ideal for crop cultivation. The Lowveld, is also subtropical and although prone to drought, sugar cane is widely grown on a commercial basis.

Much of this region is typical African bush and many indigenous wild life, birds and flora may be found here. Swaziland has a good climates, due to the country’s four distinct regions visitors will experience significant differences in temperature within a small distance.

All visitors to Swaziland require a valid passport or travel document. Citizens of the United Kingdom and most British Commonwealth countries, including African states, don't require visas. It is not advised to travel to Swaziland before finding out your visa status. Visitors who wish to remain in the country for more than 60 days must apply for a temporary residence permit or from a Swazi diplomatic mission in the country of origin.

Although malaria is no longer a huge threat, it is advised to take precautions in the eastern border areasduring the summer. Yellow fever and cholera vaccinations are required only if a visitor has come from or travelled through an endemic area.

Matsapha International Airport is located 8km from Manzini and 25km from Mbabane, the country’s administrative capital. The national airline Swazi Airlink operates services from Johannesburg, connecting with intercontinental flights from all over the world. A departure tax of E50.00 is payable when leaving from Matsapha Airport.
Access by road is through 13 border posts, two with Mozambique and 11 with South Africa. All are all open seven days a week and have varying operating hours. The two official languages are English and siSwati. Most Swazis in the urban areas are bilingual. Swaziland is predominantly Christian, with Zionists being the largest denomination. There are mosques for the Muslim faith but at present, no official place of worship for people of the Jewish religion.



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