Huguenots Memorial Monument in Franschhoek

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Huguenots Memorial Monument in Franschhoek

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Huguenots Memorial Monument in Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa

The Huguenot Memorial was constructed in 1938 to commemorate the 250th year of the Huguenots' arrival in the Franschhoek valley, it commemorates the event and expresses the decendants gratitude for their Protestant Heritage. The monument stands in a beautiful rose garden which is in full bloom in the early summer months.

The three arches symbolise the Holy Trinity above these shines the Sun of Righteousness and on top of the sun is the cross of the Christian faith. The woman in front holds a Bible in her right hand and the torn chain in her left, symbolising the liberation from religious oppression, upon her dress is the fleur-de-lis which attests nobility of spirit and character. She stands upon a globe of the world in spiritual freedom.

At the Southern most tip of Africa on the globe you will see the four symbols of the Huguenots faith - the Bible, the harp, a sheaf of corn and the vine and the spinning wheel. The pool at the foot of the monument is there to express the tranquility and peace after great trouble. The central themes of the memorial are the Huguenots' escape from religious oppression, the strength of their beliefs and their contribution to the development of the area.

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