Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

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Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

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Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

Stellenbosch is the second oldest European settlement in South Africa after Cape Town , and is located in the Western Cape Province . It is situated about 50 kilometers from Cape Town and has a population of around 100,000 and that's not counting the hundreds of students! Also Stellenbosch has a number of informal settlements, so this number could easily be added to.

Stellenbosch is without doubt one of the prettiest little towns in the whole of South Africa.

Situated at the head of the Eerste (First) River Valley , it was one of the first valleys to be settled in. The area is full of charming scenes and rich in history. The towns, villages and farmlands contain finely preserved examples of one of the most serene forms of domestic architecture found any where in the world - the Cape-Dutch style.

Some of the finest wines in the world come from this area of South Africa, with numerous Wine Farms to visit; you will be spoilt for choice, so why not visit more than one because each has something unique to offer.

Stellenbosch is a haven for tourists who have time to walk around and relish the atmosphere of this unique town with oak-lined streets, the most famous of which is Dorp Street. Open-air restaurants and homely coffee shops line the shady streets and secluded lanes, inviting people to observe the everyday activities of this busy village.

The town is famous as the home of the University of Stellenbosch , which was founded in March 1866. The University of Stellenbosch has shaped some of the country's great sporting heroes, including over 150 rugby Springboks. Stellenbosch offers almost every outdoor activity imaginable from sports facilities to popular mountain bike routes and six fantastic golf courses

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