Dorp Street in Stellenbosch

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Dorp Street in Stellenbosch

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A little more about Dorp Street in Stellenbosch

33 - 25 Dorp Street. Libertas Parva dates back to around 1780; this beautiful building now houses an Art Gallery.

48 - 50 Dorp Street. Ackerman House. The former President of South Africa, Jan Christiaan Smuts was a border here when he attended University. Here he met his future wife who lived at no 54 Dorp Street .

51 - 37 Dorp Street. Kriges Cottages were erected by Willie Krige in around 1900, he farmed at Vredenlust. Notice the gables and wrought iron verandas.

63 Dorp Street. Vredenlust, built in 1814 this is a good example of the H plan, double storey flat roofed house.

82 - 84 Dorp Street. Oom Samie se Winkel, a wonderful example of a typical shop, visit it today for a step back in time. The name relates to the previous owner, who lived in the neighbouring house.

95 Dorp Street. La Gratitude has been burnt down twice since it was erected in 1789; look up at the gable for the 'all seeing eye'.

100 - 116 Dorp Street is one of the finest rows of double storey 19th century flats in Stellenbosch, no 116 and 112 used to be gabled houses.

103 Dorp Street this house was built in 1794 the thatched roof was replaced with the corrugated iron we see today and the veranda was added in 1929. Today it houses a linen shop.

120 - 122 Dorp Street, The Stellenbosch Gymnasium Building, 1866, was the first building to be erected as an educational institution, although due to traffic noise the Gymnasium was moved to the annexe of Bletterman House.

126 Dorp Street. Jubilee House is a late 19th Century house which is a typical double storey, pitched roof home. It is now the home of the Cape Woman 's Agricultural Association.

158 Dorp Street. This Victorian double storey was said to be a former funeral parlour, one of the windows was apparently adapted to facilitate the movement of coffins.

160 Dorp Street. The Stellenbosch Hotel or Swart House was erected after the destruction by fire of the late 18th century dwelling of the medical doctor, Jan Cats.

153 Dorp Street. This 1997 restoration was based on an old photograph of the former house.

159 Dorp Street, Saxenhof was named after the ree burgher and leather tanner Peter Andreas Sachse . The land on which the house stands was granted to him in 1704, the specific gables on the house are the only authentic ones of this kind in Stellenbosch.

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