Stellenbosch's Surrounding Area

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Stellenbosch's Surrounding Area

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Stellenbosch's Surrounding Area


Khayamandi in Xhosa "pleasant home" is situated on the Northern slopes of the Papegaaiberg. Development started in the early 1920's. "The Township" was originally a home for workers from the Eastern Cape seeking part time employment. In November 1941 Khayamandi was formally recognized as a township. Khayamandi is home to a number of ethnic groups today. A strong sense of community prevails amongst the residents. Services include a clinic, community center, library, welfare facilities, and soccer and rugby fields Bed & Breakfast accommodation is available in Khayamandi. A township tour could be arranged from the Stellenbosch Tourism Bureau.


At the beginning of the twentieth century Jacob Weber, a Rhenish missionary, and James Rattray, a Stellenbosch butcher acquired a portion of the farm Blaauwklippen, situated on the R44 towards Somerset West. The land was divided into 25 large plots, which were leased to members of the Rhenish Church and eventually became their property. Over the years these properties have been handed down from farther to son, thus maintaining a strong family village atmosphere.

Jamestown was one of the first places in the Cape where strawberry farming was conducted on a large scale. The streets are named after strawberry cultivars. The Weber primary school and Stellenzicht High School tend to the educational need of the community. In 1944 Jamestown was included in the greater Stellenbosch Municipality .


Idasvalley was founded in 1920 on the North Eastern side of Stellenbosch. The area to the West of Kahler Street - up to Rustenberg Street became known as "Die Kamp" (The Camp). Many of the first residents in this area farmed with fruit, vegetables and strawberries.

Luckhoff High School, the third oldest school in the Boland area, previously for children regarded as coloured, moved to Idasvalley in 1969.

A close-knit community today, many of the original families still reside in the suburb. Choir singing is a popular community activity and a number of the people are members of the Libertas Choir. Sport is also of importance, particularly soccer, cricket, rugby and tennis. Accommodation for tourists is available.


Cloetesville is situated approximately four kilometers North of Stellenbosch on the R44 towards Paarl. Formerly known as Cloetesdal, the first phase of development started in 1964 and in 1967 this township was included in the local municipality. In 1969 the first primary school was opened. Today there are 3 primary schools and one high school. Other amenities include a library, theatre, swimming pool, sports complex and some guesthouses.

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