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Quick Facts

Quick Facts About South Africa

South Africa is a diverse and unique country with so much to offer. Before heading off to explore the wonderful region, be sure to brush up on these quick facts about South Africa:

South Africa Essential Facts
• South Africa has a population of 57 million people (2018).
• There are three capital cities in South Africa: Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.
• The official name is the Republic of South Africa, RSA, ZA.

• The local currency in South Africa is the South African Rand (ZAR). • South Africa has 11 official languages: isiZulu, Afrikaans, English, isiXhosa, siSwati, Sesotho, Xitsonga, Sepedi, isiNdebele, Setswana, Tshivenda.
• The largest city in South Africa is Johannesburg.
• South Africa’s coastline stretches over a whopping 2,500 kilometres in length.
• The current president of South Africa is Cyril Ramaphosa.

South Africa Geography Facts

South Africa is the most southern country on the African continent and closes in Swaziland and Lesotho, which are both landlocked. South Africa also shares its borders in the North with Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, and in the East with Mozambique. Just off the Cape coast, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet, and Cape Agulhas is the southernmost point in the country.

South Africa offers a diverse range of terrain, with everything from mountain ranges and grasslands to the Kalahari Desert.

South Africa Wildlife Facts

South Africa boasts an abundance of wildlife all across the country. It is home to various different species of antelope including springbok, kudu, impala, wildebeest, gemsbok and oryx. Many South African animals, including lions, giraffes, elephants and monkeys, live across the country and can be seen by safari. In the waters, there are African Penguins and Great White Sharks, which sometimes leads to beaches being closed.

Unique South Africa Facts

• Table Mountain in Cape Town is one of the planet’s 12 main energy centres and is thought to be one of the oldest mountains in the world.
• South Africa is the only country that has hosted the Cricket, Football and Rugby World Cup.
• The Winelands in South Africa has around 560 wineries and is home to Route 62, which is often considered the longest wine route in the world.

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South African Provinces

South Africa is split into 9 provinces, namely: