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Balulue Kruger Camps

Balulue Rustic Camp

Balulue Rustic Rest Camp - Kruger National Park

Balule , a satellite camp of Satara, is situated some 50km away to the north, close to a meandering loop of the Olifants River.

Deep in the heart of the Kruger National Park, Balule is named after the Tsonga word for the Olifants River. Situated more or less in the centre of the Kruger National Park, just south of Olifants camp, a low fence is the only barrier that separates you from the wilderness.

The camp provides rudimentary, rustic conditions for visitors that want an authentic, old-time bushveld experience.

Those who patronise this camp guard its uniqueness jealously and any suggestions to modernise Balule are met with vociferous resistance. The camp is divided in two, separated by a fence. One section has six three-bedded huts and communal ablution and kitchen facilities. Lighting is provided by paraffin lamps. The other half offers 15 camping sites for tents or caravans. A large grove of Natal mahogany, baobab and sausage trees provide welcome shade from the relentless midday sun.

It is the unique wilderness feel of the camp that makes it a firm favourite with backpackers, the caravanning community and other visitors who want t get away from it all.

Facilities such as a shop, restaurant and fuel station are available at nearby Olifants rest camp (11km to the north).

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