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Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements

Passport and visa requirements for South Africa.

Planning a visit to South Africa is exciting, there is so much to see and do across the country, and plenty to consider before jetting off. One of the most important aspects to organise is your visa and travel documents. South Africa has various visa requirements depending on where you are travelling from and your reason for visiting the country. It is vital that you get all the relevant paperwork in place before your travels.

Who Needs A Visa To Visit South Africa?

The majority of non-South African citizens who want to travel to South Africa will be required to have a valid visa. This visa must state the reason and duration of the visit. The visa requirements for South Africa do vary between countries and can be changed at any time. There are a few exemptions to this rule, and some visitors from certain other countries will not need a visa depending on their conditions.

Required Documents For Visiting South Africa

To be granted entry to South Africa, you will need to have:
• A valid passport. Passports must have two consecutive blank pages, which are side by side when the passport is open. Passports must be valid for at least 30 days after leaving South Africa.
• A valid visa, if one is required.
• A return or onward plane ticket, or departure date and time for ship travel.
• A yellow fever certificate if you are planning on travelling through the yellow fever belt of South Africa.

Applying For A Visa To Visit South Africa

Before you arrive in South Africa, you must have organised a visa as you cannot apply for one once you arrive in the country. If your country has a South African diplomatic or consular representative, then a visa application should be submitted to them. If your country does not have either of these, then visa applications should be sent by post.

Travelling With Children To South Africa

If you are travelling to South Africa with children, then you will need to provide additional documentation for them when applying for your visa. This includes proof of guardianship or custody, or consent from a guardian if it is an unaccompanied child travelling. It is important to note that a parent travelling with children, without the other parent present, will be required to have a certified letter of consent from the absent parent.

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South African Provinces

South Africa is split into 9 provinces, namely: