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Sudwala Caves

Sudwala Caves Mpumalanga

Adventure tours are occasionally offered.

After a steep drive up to the caves, magnificent views are the first thing you will notice.

The entrance to the caves themselves is quite will hidden. A tour into the caves is not to be missed, although only a small portion (500M) is open to the public - it is thought that the caves carry on for many kilometres. Many dripstone and flowstone formations can be viewed in the cave, the Screaming Monster is probably the most well known dripstone formation in the caves.

Inside the caves stromatolites can be seen, these are fossilized colonies of blue-green algae which are thought to be one of the earliest identifiable forms of life in Southern Africa, dating back some 2000 million years. Inside one of the largest areas of the caves, concerts used to be held as the acoustics were ideal and a natural formation worked well as a stage, this and the constant fresh air supply which carries through the caves made it an unusual performance area.

On the grounds outside the caves there is a dinosaur park, which has life-size models of many creatures from the Jurassic period, this teamed with the botanical beauty of the area makes it an experience not to be missed!

The caves are open daily, and adventure tours are occasionally offered. These tours last 6 hours and take in the Crystal Rooms which are far beyond the normal tourist route.

Contact the Sudwala Caves:

Tel: 013-733 4152
Fax: 013-733 5266
E-Mail: info@sudwalacaves.co.za

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