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Getting Around

Getting around in South Africa

Public Transport and getting around during your stay.

Train services are improving all the time in South Africa, with many routes available. Most trains have three classes, hence three prices. Tourists often use these trains as an easy and affordable way of travelling.

Bus services also run daily services around the country, two of the best being Translux and Greyhound.

Here are a few useful websites:

If you are planning to travel by car in South Africa here are distances between major cities.

Johannesburg to Cape Town 1405km

Johannesburg to Kruger National Park 478km

Cape Town to Kruger National Park 1888km

Cape Town to Port Elizabeth 756km

Port Elizabeth to Durban 927km

Durban to Johannesburg 598km

In South Africa we drive on the left hand side of the road, and seatbelts are compulsory for both the driver and any passengers. The roads throughout South Africa are good, and toll gates are situated along most stretches between cities. Driving in the country is generally safe, although driving at night is not advisable. Check your vehicle at the start of each day to ensure that it has enough oil and water, that all indicators and lights are functional and that tyre pressure is adequate. There are sometimes 200km between petrol stations, so for peace of mind you really should check these.

Although occasionally they are far apart, petrol stations are not hard to come by and are dotted along all major roads and in almost every town. They are generally all open 24 hours and they usually have restaurant and toilet facilities for those longer journeys. The attendants will fill your car for you, offer to wash your window, and also to check your oil and water. All while you sit and relax, but they do appreciate a small tip for their work! Petrol should almost always be paid for in cash, in the majority petrol stations this is the only way that payment will be accepted - No international or national credit, debit or garage cards will be accepted. The average price of petrol is around R6.50 per litre.

The national speed limit in South Africa is 120kmph on the major highways and generally 60 kmph in built up areas. Although in some busy areas it will be 40kmph, so look out for signs. Traffic police are common throughout South Africa and they do like stopping people. ALWAYS carry your driver's license with you when you are driving in South Africa. Also take a look at the Safety page of this site for more driving tips.

Flying between destinations in South Africa is also becoming popular and reasonably priced. Please visit Cheap Flights South Africa which may help you with your planning.

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South African Provinces

South Africa is split into 9 provinces, namely: